Ecuadorian banana workers report deteriorating wages and job security

Cheap migrant labour from Venezuela causing rapid downward pressure on wages and contractual conditions

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Urgent donations needed …

… to help transform the lives of organic banana family farmers in Ecuador and Peru

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What Difference Does a Union Make?

Listen to our podcast on the vast disparities in working conditions on unionised and non-unionised plantations in Guatemala

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Colombian banana workers negotiate above inflation pay rise

Union obtains highest pay increase in the country for 2021

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Trade unions on Costa Rican pineapple plantations continue to grow

Ricardo Vargas Figueroa of the National Association of Public and Private Employees (ANEP) explains recent advances in recruiting workers

First international treaty to address violence and harassment in the workplace comes into force

Trade unions campaign for ratification and for effective implementation

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Entrada en vigor del primer tratado internacional para enfrentar la violencia y el acoso

Los sindicatos hacen campaña por la ratificación y la aplicación efectiva

Entrée en vigueur du premier traité international contre la violence et le harcèlement

Les syndicats font campagne pour la ratification et pour une mise en œuvre effective

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Farewell to Ramón Barrantes, a tireless fighter for plantation workers

Read tributes to the Costa Rican trade union leader who recently passed away from covid-19

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Banana Day 2021

A day with much to celebrate, but also to recognise the challenges facing those who rely on the yellow fruit for their livelihoods.

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Farewell to Joaquín Vázquez, inspirational fighter for family farmers

Read tributes to Joaquín, who passed away this week.

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Trade unions make a big difference for Guatemalan banana workers

New report illustrates stark difference in pay and working conditions for unionised and non-unionised workers

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