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Our Union to Union programme builds solidarity links between Latin America and West African trade unions at one end of international banana and pineapple supply chains, and British trade unionists at the other.

Find out more about Banana Link's capacity building work with GAWU and FAWU our trade union partners in West Africa and how you can support this programme.

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COLSIBA:  An international call for the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women, particularly for those who work every day in Latin America's agro-industry. This includes banana, pineapple, flower, sugar cane, asparagus and mango plantations amongst others. Women experience lack of employment, discrimination in the workplace, low wages, sexual harassment and trade union persecution. History   On the Read more...


Donations from union supporters towards Banana Link core
funds directly strengthen our capacity to put 'solidarity into action'. Over the last coule of years  Banana Link has secured direct union‐to‐union funding ‐ including key donations from the UNISON International Development Fund and GMB... Read more...

Workers' testimonies

Background: Pablo works on PinaFrut pineapple plantation owned by national producer Grupo Acon, in the South Atlantic region of Costa Rica. He has been a SITRAP activist for 4 years. In 2006 and 2008 Pablo wrote, on behalf of a group of workers, two ‘Letters to the outside world’ (see link below)... Read more workers' testimonies...