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Our Union to Union programme builds solidarity links between Latin America and West African trade unions at one end of international banana and pineapple supply chains, and British trade unionists at the other.

Find out more about Banana Link's capacity building work with GAWU and FAWU our trade union partners in West Africa and how you can support this programme.

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Featured story

Chiquita has bought a group of three Honduran plantations, formerly known as Tres Hermanas, following more than a year of conflict involving the former owner of the Honduran banana company and independent workers’ union SITRAINBA. Until now Chiquita branded and marketed the bananas produced by the Tres Hermanas group, but it now owns the company, having sacked the previous management and rehired the workforce. After Read more...


In 2012/13, donations from supporters towards Banana Link core
funds helped to strengthen the organisation’s capacity to put 'solidarity into action'. In this period Banana Link secured direct union‐to‐union funding ‐ including key donations from the UNISON International Development Fund and... Read more...

Workers' testimonies

My name is Marbeli Cordova Guerrero, I work for the ‘Association of Organic Banana Workers of Immaculate Conception’ which is certified by FLO-CERT. My job is to put the stickers on the fruit.  Within this association of small-scale plantations the pay is very low and we do not get an equal pay.... Read more workers' testimonies...