Environmental impacts of pineapple production in Costa Rica

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These two interviews were filmed in the rural community of Milano in Costa Rica in 2011. Xinia Briceño (Environmental Activism) describes a ten-year struggle to prevent pineapple production expanding over community land and contaminating the water supply with agrochemicals used in the production process at a local pineapple plantation; and Eliseth Urbina (Poor Water) speaks about the effects on her and her family of drinking contaminated water.

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Xinia Briceño and Eliseth Urbina are members of ASADA (Xinia is the President) which is the Asociación Administradora de los Sistemas de Acueductos y Alcantarillados Comunal - the Association for the Administration of the aqueduct and canalisation system. ASADA is a member of FRENASAPP, a national network of organisations and individuals affected by pineapple production.

They are also part of FONAFIFO, a state agency that issues Certification for Environmental Services and gives forest credits for sustainable cultivation and forest management and which support the ASADA in groundwater management.


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