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Report Summary

The paper produced in May 2012 by Dr. Iain Farquhar reports on three banana producing provinces in China. His visit aimed to fulfill three main objectives: 

  • To get an overview of the banana industry in China, and analyse the industry from a sustainable development perspective
  • To explore whether there is any interest in China participating in the World Banana Forum
  • To gauge whether it would be possible or appropriate to encourage Chinese producers to adopt "The New Paradigm" for banana production. This idea was discussed at the second World Banana Forum meeting in Guayaquil, Ecuador in February 2012

Although China is not a primary global exporter of bananas, it is the second largest producer after India. The World Banana Forum is actively looking to engage non-exporting large scale producers to participate in discussions which can shape the industry


Recent news:

18 banana plantations suspended in Laos

Chinese banana farms in Laos halted due to use of hazardous chemicals

The banana industry in Laos has dangerous working conditions and causes environmental destruction