Rethinking value chains

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This collective brings together civil society actors – including NGOs, trade unions, academic institutions – with expertise on value chain issues and the empowerment of workers and local communities in the face of global corporate economic interests.
The aim is to provide a space to engage in fundamental discussions on the current dominating economic system (neo-liberalism) and ways in which we can work together towards sustainable alternatives that put people and the environment first. 
Through sharing the experiences, tools and strategies of the various organisations involved we hope to strengthen and add value to existing initiatives – such as those on the stricter regulation of corporations – whilst also providing an opportunity to think creatively about how to revolutionise and re-territorialise the current economic system and towards a sustainable alternative at local, regional and global level.
The network, founded in 2016, is coordinated by Banana Link and Peuples Solidaires-Action Aid France with the support of the Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation for the Progress of Humankind (FPH)
A full list of network members can be found here
Main activities 

Each year we will hold a strategic meeting of network members at ‘La Bergerie de Villarceaux’ near Paris, with the aim of exchanging experiences and strategies for rethinking and transforming value chains (in particular banana, textile, electronics and mining) and defining the priorities for our joint activities. The report from previous seminar, January 2018, can be found here

The collective has been active in the development of a new study on ‘The sustainability of the coffee value chain’ to be launched on International Coffee Day, October 1st 2018. The study highlights the current social and environmental costs of the global coffee industry and provides key recommendations for sectoral change, and will provide input for mobilisation and advocacy around wider value chains issues.

The launch of a 'Think-Tank' for the open sharing, between practitioners and academics, of skills, knowledge and expertise on value chains, including:

Case studies by sector / industry with an initial focus on bananas, textiles, electronics and minerals, to be developed in collaborations with master students in France and the UK. An outline of the case study content can be found here

Tracking information on emerging trends in value chains 

Develop online reviews and share existing publications, research results, etc., around the themes of the network;

Develop educational material for future managers and decision-makers (students in business/management/economics schools) 

Organise workshops on specific themed questions linked to the reconfigurations of value chains.

The launch of a public campaign in late 2019 to mobilise public opinion and make consumers aware of the need for binding regulation, fair and sustainable trade, economic alternatives and global action on climatic change. This will involve a potential collaboration with the S2B Seattle to Brussels network campaign to ‘Stop ISDS and end corporate impunity’ in 2019

Watch our short video, in which Anna Cooper of Banana Link explains a little more about rethinking value chains ... 
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