Banana Trade News Bulletin archive

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  • Fyffes-Sumitomo deal changes the global banana map
  • First general UK retail price rise in 20 years
  • Thousands of workers condemned to unemployment in Dominican Republic
  • Peru horticultural exports: a boom for whom?
  • Living wages, or three ways to skin a cat!
  • Can lidl’s discount tropical fruit really be sustainable?
  • Winners and losers as uk banana imports reach record highs
  • New wave of medium-sized banana companies
  • Banana value chains in europe and the consequences of unfair trading practices
  • Retailers put faith in rainforest alliance
  • Dominican republic: progress for migrant workers, but still much to do
  • Discounting our future?
  • Attempts to reverse the race frustrated
  • Other banana retailing worlds do exist...
  • Back in the UK-KVI !  Welcome to the upwardly mobile discounters
  • A global effort led by Europe's biggest banana retailer
  • Crisis, what crisis?! UK retail continues to bury its head on banana pricing
  • Global banana industry moves forward on living wages