World Banana Forum WG02

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Working Group on Distribution of Value (WG02)

The Working Group 02 deals with Distribution of Value.

This group seeks to work towards a fair distribution of value along the whole banana chain with a particular focus on calculating Costs of Sustainable Production, including the payment of living wages to plantation workers. 

Objectives of WG02 are to:
  • Identify the key actors at all stages of the supply chain
  • Agree on a typology of the different supply chains in the global industry
  • Prioritise what information we need to gather in order to work towards fair distribution of value (e.g. labour costs, FOB, CIF and retail prices)
  • Map the distribution of value in key supply chains (a representative selection of origins and markets)
  • Evaluate prices and costs along the chain
  • Agree on a practical methodology for approximating "living" or "decent" wages at plantation/farm level
  • Pilot this methodology in at least two countries
  • Explore the feasibility of various approaches to the redistribution of value in the chain
  • Exchange relevant information with other WGs of the WBF and externally

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