Working with partners

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At Banana Link, we work with a range of partners in countries that both consume and export tropical fruits.


British trade unions, through our Union to Union programme which builds solidarity along tropical fruit supply chains, including notably the GMB, Britain's third biggest union, who support the organising and training of SITRAP members in Costa Rica as part of a cooperation agreement signed with SITRAP. Visit our International Solidarity section for more information.

Our partners in the Make Fruit Fair campaign are:

United States

We work with the International Labor Right Forum through their US LEAP project.

Tropical fruit exporting countries

The trade unions organising plantation workers - many of whom we have worked with for more than a decade. Visit our International Solidarity section for further information about our union partners in Latin America and West Africa.

The Windward Island Banana Farmers Association - WINFA.


Many of our union partners are members of the International Union of Foodworkers, the global federation of unions representing workers in agriculture and plantations.