Workers' testimonies

Washington Orellano - leader of the port worker's association threatened with legal action for criticising his employers. Interview recorded and translated by Jan Nimmo, Puerto Bolívar, Ecuador, May 2003

My name is Washington Orellana. I'm general secretary of the Puerto Bolívar Port Workers' Association. The organisation is based in Puerto Bolívar, in El Oro province. The workers, within and without the organisation, are all fighting for a better future and so that our labour and written constitutional laws are respected. Our struggle started in 2002 and we've sustained our struggle to the present day. Basically, the rights of the workers shouldn't be trampled on by the companies and their owners. We want to free the workers and give them some self-esteem.

Francisca Criollo, a nurse on the Rio Culebra banana plantation, Ecuador - This interview was recorded in May 2002 during a long strike by workers on the Danish owned Río Culebra plantation.  Source (interview and translation): Jan Nimmo –

Mauro Romero, banana worker injured after violent attacks on workers at the Los Alamos plantation, Ecuador, in 2002. Source: Interview and translation by Helge Fischer, BanaFair.

 Mauro Romero Carranza has worked over the last six years in banana plantations in Ecuador. He went to work in the banana plantations in search of a better future. During this time, Mauro worked in plantations that belonged to Alvaro Noboa Ponton's business empire. Alvaro Noboa is the fourth largest banana exporter in the world. Noboa is very influential both in political and economic spheres in Ecuador.

 Gustavo Murillo - a worker at the Los Alamos banana plantation, Ecuador. This interview was conducted on 17th May 2002 - the day after two attacks against striking workers. Source: Jan Nimmo –

 My name is Gustavo Murillo. I was born in the city of Guayaquil on 25th March 1977. I started work on the Los Alamos plantation four years ago, with the hope that this would bring better days for my family.