Workers' testimonies

My name is Marbeli Cordova Guerrero, I work for the ‘Association of Organic Banana Workers of Immaculate Conception’ which is certified by FLO-CERT. My job is to put the stickers on the fruit.  Within this association of small-scale plantations the pay is very low and we do not get an equal pay. Our greatest grievance with the association is caused by this frustrating salary situation. 

My name is Alan Rafael Garcia Socola. I am a nurse technician. At the moment I am unable to practice my profession because unfortunately where I live there are few hospitals, clinics, or appropriate places for me to work. Currently, I am working with a company that exports organic bananas called Cepibo.

“After two and a half years as a fumigator, I began to feel my body reject the chemicals. I had a lot of pains throughout my body. They did not pay attention to the workers, or their well-being. As workers, we were exploited.”

How would you describe the working conditions for women?
I am the daughter of a small producer. As the daughter of a producer, the association expected me to work for them. This came at a time when the association joined Cepibo and was looking for workers to help Cepibo export their produce. 

“Workers are persecuted to such an extent that they are afraid to voice their complaints. My female friends as a consequence are quiet and very shy, they don’t say anything. They are constantly afraid of being fired for their actions. I, however, do speak out, and I speak out for my colleagues and myself.”