Workers from around the world file complaint

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Guatemala is among the worst violators of labour rights in the world today. Workers are routinely fired for asserting their rights at work, and increasingly, they are threatened, tortured or murdered.

This is why workers from around the world now filed a complaint with the ILO urging Guatemala to respect the Right of Freedom of Association.

For over 20 years, Guatemalan workers have attempted to use the ILO to vindicate the rights which were elusive at home. Despite increasingly stronger condemnations by the ILO, and numerous technical missions, Guatemalan workers saw no changes in law or in practice. In 2012, workers had had enough. On June 14, 2012, 10 worker delegates to the International Labour Conference, from Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas, filed a request for the establishment of a Commission of Inquiry – the strongest investigative measure available under the ILO system. The Governing Body of the ILO will likely vote on the establishment of such a commission in November.

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