Women workers gaining ground in Cameroon

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As part of our three year Comic Relief funded project, ‘Secure Decent Work in tropical fruit production’, in West Africa, we have just run a successful workshop in Cameroon to raise awareness of gender issues among staff representatives so that they can ensure issues affecting women in the workplace are addressed. The workshop, which involved 137 participants, 31 of whom were women, highlighted a number of critical issues specifically affecting women. These included pregnant women having to board the same cramped transport to the plantations as other workers, maternity leave being too short, and sexual harassment of women workers by supervisors.

Also, in September, the project will run a training workshop in Cameroon to build the capacity of project partners, FAWU and GAWU, as well as Dignité in Côte d'Ivoire, to effectively engage in the World Banana Forum, which promotes dialogue between all actors along the global banana supply chain.

In a separate development, trade union leaders at Compagnie Fruitière's Plantations du Haut-Penja (PHP) in north west Cameroon have established the first ever Women's Committee (Comité des Femmes Travailleuses de la PHP), whose six members form an integral part of the newly formed coordination body for the six trade unions that have members in PHP. This should ensure that the specific problems facing women workers are taken into account.

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