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Cooperation for positive change in the banana trade

Banana Link Annual Review 2017 - 18
This report captures just some of BANANA Link's and our partner's achievements over the past twelve months in working For fair and equitable production and trade in bananas and pineapples, based on environmental, social and economic sustainability.
The Review also outlines our strategic priorities for 2018 - 19. 

Epidemiological study on small-scale farmers and farm workers in conventional and organic agriculture (Bananas) in Ecuador

Pesticide use in the cultivation of “cash crops” such as banana is increasing worldwide. Agrochemical use and occupational as well as environmental exposures in export banana production have been documented in some parts of Ecuador, the world‘s largest exporter of bananas.
The aim of our cross-sectional epidemiological study was to determine the living and working conditions, wellbeing and health of farm workers and small-scale farmers in fair/organic farming and of workers in conventional farming using biocides.

Progress towards gender equity in the banana industry: summaries of case studies

In December 2015, women representatives from civil society organisations in the four major banana exporting regions of the world, Asia, the Caribbean, Africa and Latin America, met to develop a strategy towards gender equity in the industry. The meeting was organised in Bonn by the Gender Equity Task Force of the World Banana Forum (WBF). The Forum has within its mission a commitment to ‘achieve consensus on best practices regarding gender equity’.


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