Reinstatement won in court action, but your help is still needed ...

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Following the campaign we launched in April 2016 in support of nine SITETSA union executive committee members sacked by Peruvian agribusiness company TALSA, we are pleased to announce that they have won their legal battle against unfair dismissal. 
The Labour Court in Trujillo ruled in favour of four of the committee members that TALSA had violated their right of union freedom, and also ruling that the company pay the litigation costs and the legal fees of the four. The five other committee members had already negotiated individual severance payments with TALSA. 

Your help still needed - please donate 

Since being sacked in 2016, SITETSA General Secretary, Santos Celestina Carranza (pictured in the centre below), has worked as a union organiser with no fixed income. In this time she has contributed significantly to the signing of a collective agreement in the Peruvian shrimp industry, which employs mainly women. 
However, in April 2017 she lost her home and belongings to flooding, and last month suffered a broken leg (pictured) with a life-threatening infection.
Although now on the mend, Santos has no fixed income, or the social security she would have received if working at TALSA. She is unable to work for the foreseeable future and faces substantial medical bills, which will not be met by reinstatement at TALSA.  
Other unions and organisations in Latin America have already raised money to help Santos with her costs, but there is a significant shortfall. We are aiming to raise £1000 for Santos.