Peru: union secures reinstatement of sacked workers

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After a series of unfair sackings over the last few months, SITAG, the trade union which represents workers in the Peruvian banana industry in the Chira Valley, has been able to secure the reinstatement of members of their branch committees who had been sacked.

Five workers of the Union y Progreso Farmers’ Association laid off in January - on the pretext that their contracts could not be renewed - are to be reinstated following an appeal to the Dole subsidiary that markets the Association’s bananas to intervene. Those laid off included key members of SITAG’s branch committee.

The next day, the local labour authorities ordered the reinstatement of workers from the APPBOSA and Montenegro Associations, also members of the union’s branch committees. The resolutions from the Labour Ministry also ordered the employers to compensate for lost wages and costs. SITAG, which represents the majority of workers employed in the Chira Valley, has been multiplying its efforts to engage in dialogue with the Associations that employ its members in the hope of securing permanent contracts (rather than the standard rolled-over three- or six-month contracts).  

Source: SITAG, Sullana, 9th March 2012