Peru organic exports on the up and up

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Peruvian exporters' association ADEX estimates that banana revenues will rise to US $150 million for this year, with an estimated increase of nearly 25% in export volumes. The figures are based on exports for the first five months of the year and would mean the country is close to becoming the world's leading exporter, overtaking Dominican Republic for the first time.
The United States has doubled its purchases of Peruvian bananas between the first months of 2014 and the same period this year.
The average value per kilo has risen by 5% to 76.5 cents. If the current export levels continue, Peru will export close to 190,000 tonnes in 2015, the vast majority of which are certified organic.
Industry relations, which have been marked by tensions between the workers' union SITAG and some of the producers' associations, will become even more important if Peru wants to continue its expansion. Observers are hopeful, however, that recent efforts to mediate improvements between producers and workers will lead to successes that put industrial relations on a more stable footing.
Sources : ADEX, Peru, 26th June ; Banana Link, Fairtrade International and COLSIBA.