Ecuadorian bananas a ‘force’ in new Chinese province

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Ecuadorian bananas are gaining ground in China, with the recent launch of a new
retail promotional campaign in a province exporters hadn’t accessed before.
The fruit will now be sold in certain Pin He Tang supermarkets in the central Hunan
province under the slogan ‘The best bananas in the world come from the other side of
the world’.
The Pro Ecuador team
The campaign was launched on Nov. 21 and is being conducted in three large branches
of the chain – one of which is the biggest supermarket in the provincial capital
Changsha, where eight million people live.
Ecuadorian promotion agency Pro Ecuador said special activities for consumers of all
ages had been carried out over a four-day period, including games, product tasting,
prize draws and painting.
It also reported the retail chain planned to keep the bananas permanently hanging on
display so as to generate awareness of the fruit’s benefits.
“This is the first time that a country has carried out a promotion campaign for a
product in this supermarket chain, and so the Ecuadorian banana is being positioned
as a force in this new Chinese region that we hadn’t accessed before,” Pro Ecuador
said in a release.
According to Fresh Plaza exports have risen by 540%.
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