Costa Rica is introducing a National Day for Banana Workers

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Great news! Costa Rica will institute the 9th of August of each year as the National Day for Banana Workers.
The draft bill was presented to the Legislative Assembly on 7th August and enjoys the majority support of
parliamentary groups.
”It represents an acknowledgement of the important contributions that banana workers have made to
the economy, to social guarantees and to employment rights of our country in spite of their historical
struggles,”, explained Didier Leiton Valverde, general secretary of the Agricultural Plantation Workers
Union, SITRAP, in conversation with la Rel.
The draft bill was presented by the party Broad Front, Frente Amplio, and their parliament
representative Gerardo Vargas Varela, from the province of Limón, where most of Costa Rica's banana
activity is based. The initiative also receives the unswerving support of several banana workers' organisations and the
National Federation of Agribusiness and Allied Industries, FENTRAG.