Public "a-peel" to Asda and Tesco to stock more Fairtrade bananas

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We’re calling on Asda and Tesco to turn their bananas Fairtrade.
Consumers and campaigners across the UK are calling on Asda and Tesco to prove that banana farmers and workers in the developing world are not suffering as a result of supermarket price wars, by sourcing more Fairtrade bananas. Tens of thousands of messages asking them to make the switch are expected to be sent to Asda and Tesco supermarkets during November, when retailers typically negotiate supplier contracts for the year ahead. 
Bananas are the UK’s favourite fruit – the UK public spends over £700m eating 5 billion of them a year – yet instead of making a decent living, many banana farmers that supply the UK are struggling to get by. For instance in Ecuador, one of the UK’s biggest suppliers, only 1 in 4 families working in the banana industry earns enough to take them above the poverty line. [1] 
The UK retail price of loose bananas has almost halved over the past 10 years, while the cost of producing them has doubled[2]. Banana farmers and workers are paying the price for the nation's cheap fruit, with many trapped in an unrelenting cycle of poverty. But retailers who source their bananas as Fairtrade[3] can assure their customers that despite retail price wars, farmers and workers producing the fruit continue to receive agreed, transparent Fairtrade prices and premiums. 
Currently, one in three bananas sold in the UK is Fairtrade. Asda and Tesco are the focus of the public campaign as the two biggest sellers of bananas in the UK that still stock some non-Fairtrade bananas. In fact, both currently source less than 10% of their bananas on Fairtrade terms. 
UK consumers care about the conditions faced by the farmers and workers who grow their bananas, and want an independent assurance that retailers are doing the right thing.
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