Low cost, low wages

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A video exposing the difference in price between pre-packaged and loose bananas has gone viral with over 2 million hits.

Alan Hudson was shopping at his local Asda supermarket when he decided to weigh a bag of pre-packaged bananas in order to check if he was getting a good deal.  Hudson said he was ‘disgusted’ to find out that the £1 bag of pre-packaged bananas would cost 54p if bought loose and left him feeling ‘ripped off’.  Asda have justified the difference in price by saying that the pre-packaged bananas are ready to eat and are all packed by hand, whereas the loose banana require ripening at home.

According to Joanna Blythman, author of Shopped: the shocking power of British supermarkets, “supermarkets are very good at creating an illusion that they give people good value for food, but they give with one hand and take with the other.”

The Fairtrade Foundation has highlighted the negative impact of supermarkets selling loose bananas at such cheap prices.  Kevin McCullough, Head of Campaigns at the Fairtrade Foundation has said:

"It’s possible that shoppers would be more disgusted if they knew that loose bananas are so cheap that around three in four banana workers in countries that supply UK supermarkets live below the poverty line.”

"So instead of being shocked by the price of bagged bananas, shouldn’t we be ensuring that banana farmers and workers aren’t being asked to pay the price for our cheap fruit?"

Read the full Fairtrade Foundation article here.