Pineapple Workers' Rights Defender On Trial Today

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Andy Hall will go on trial today in Thailand, accused of criminal libel by the Natural Fruit Company, a pineapple producer whose abusive treatment of Burmese migrants Andy exposed in a 2012 report Cheap has a high price. He found child labour, withheld wages, confiscated passports and even violence. If he loses and he faces a seven-year jail sentence and a multi-million dollar fine.  More than 300,000 people have taken action across the globe in defence of Andy Hall.
The British Embassy in Thailand is sending an observer to the trial, as are several others, to demonstrate how important the principles involved are (the European Union is helping with Andy’s legal costs too). United Nordic, which supplies fruit from Thailand to supermarkets across Scandinavia, has also declared its concern about the case.

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Andy is a British migrant workers’ rights defender active in Thailand for many years. To find out more information about Andy Hall, ways of supporting him and media coverage you can go to his blog: