Camposol workers strike again

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Peru’s biggest agro-export company, Camposol, once again finds itself in the frontline of worker protests, this time at their main production site near Trujillo in Northern Peru. Workers affiliated to the SITECASA union have a list of commitments made by the company, including in the collective agreement, that have not been met. They accuse the company of talking the rhetoric of responsibility, but not practising it.
When police were called to deal with the stoppage late last week, reported to have been supported by thousands of Camposol workers, the peaceful protest turned sour and injuries ensured. After three days’ strike, the local labour authorities intervened and the union agreed to call people back to work to prevent a mass redundancy move by the company. However, Camposol management did not attend the conciliation meeting called by government authorities on 15th March and none of the workers’ grievances had been addressed.
The US trade union confederation AFL-CIO’s Solidarity Center in Peru provides more details.