Tres Hermanas continues to stall on negotiations

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In the Tres Hermanas plantations in northern Honduras the battle to secure negotiations between the members of SITRAINBA and the company is far from over. The Labour Ministry tried to convene a process of conciliation between the parties, but the company still refuses any dialogue with SITRAINBA.
It has therefore been impossible to prevent the company from putting in place a series of measures against SITRAINBA members in the farms: it has reduced wages to union members (some workers are earning 10% less than the minimum daily wage as a result) and threatens to fire people if they do not give up their union membership.

On the 15th of July, the president of FESTAGRO (Federation of Agroindustrial Workers’ Unions) met the new Labour Minister who committed to bring the parties together as soon as possible. Later the same week, the union secured a labour inspection to demonstrate the problems facing SITRAINBA members. See the FESTAGRO page for a new call for action over the Tres Hermanas campaign.

Furthermore, following a series of death threats, FESTAGRO colleague José Maria Martinez, who hosts the regular “Trade unionist on the air” programme on local radio, has been advised to stop broadcasting. FESTAGRO nonetheless continues to broadcast every Wednesday morning: you can listen live to the programmes through this link.