New industrial union created in Honduras

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El Progreso, Honduras, 4th September 2012

Our Honduran partners, COSIBAH (the Honduran Agroindustrial Workers' Union Coordinating Body), have announced the creation of a new trade union at three plantations, Finca Las Tres Hermanas. The plantation is owned by Honduran capital and sells all its fruit from 425 hectares to Chiquita, employing 400 workers.

What makes the Sindicato de Trabajadores de la Industria del Banano (Sitrainba) unusual is that, as an industrial union, it can recruit members from any other plantations in the country. It is also not restricted to workers with permanent contracts, as any worker hired to work under any type of contract in the industry can join.

As well as being GlobalGAP and Rainforest Alliance certified, Las Tres Hermanas has an active social responsibility policy and is actively engaged in a workers' empowerment programme. The company's website states that « all these efforts aim to make the worker, as the basic resource for decision-making in the company, feel that s/he has the capacity to influence important tasks together with the organisation ».

COSIBAH, which has actively supported workers in the creation of their new union, believes that this is a major breakthrough for workers in nationally owned banana companies.

Sources : COSIBAH, 03/09 and company website.