Sexual abuse conviction for Honduran foreman

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Gabriel Casco, a foreman in a banana company packhouse, has been condemned to three years’ imprisonment for repeated sexual harassment of two women workers. This was an important test-case for banana workers’ unions that have been struggling to ensure that offenders are brought to justice. It is the first conclusive case brought by the country’s new Special Attorney for Women.
The Honduran government’s Public Ministry spokesman said Casco had a number of women workers under his authority and regularly harassed two in particular, telling them if they did not have sexual relations with him, they would lose their jobs. At the public hearing the Special Attorney’s prosecutor presented the testimonies of the two women concerned.

"This is a very important signal to those responsible for sexual harassment,“ said a trade union spokesperson representing workers at the packhouse. "We hope that the sentence will be a disincentive to the all too many men who abuse their position and who have too often gone unpunished.“

Sources: La Prensa, San Pedro Sula and COSIBAH.