Costa Rica: Municipalities toughen stance on pineapple expansion

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Two municipalities in the main pineapple producing region of Costa Rica have agreed to halt the expansion of the industry due to environmental concerns.

The town council of Pococi, Limon (Costa Rica) has agreed not to award further licences for planting pineapples in the canton and Guácimo is to extend a moratorium on industry development for a further two years.

The plantation workers’ union, SITRAP, has been providing support and solidarity for the alliance of local communities that have been fighting to achieve an agreement to stop the awarding of further licences for the expansion of pineapple plantations.

The communities of Las Floritas, Anita Grande, Guacimo, and San Antonio, Roxana have been particularly affected by the impacts of pineapple plantations expansion without the necessary licences being agreed. These communities are now joining forces with others affected by problems caused by large scale pineapple production, such as environmental impacts.

Thanks to the new agreement, the community of Santa Rosa de la Rita, Pococi, which was has been engaged in a battle with the Acon Group for more than four years, has been able to halt the further expansion of pineapple production in their area.

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