Free Markets and the Food Crisis in Central America

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In 'Free Markets and the Food Crisis in Central America' Aguilar proposes that regional intergration is needed to counter the negative impacts of increased foreign investment and agressive trade liberalisation in Central America. He describes a region heavily dependent on imports and 'aid' through free trade agreements with the U.S. and E.U. In 2005 agriculture contributed less to regional GDP than remittances with widespread migration from countryside to the cities as farmers are no longer able to make a living.

As dependency on grain imports increases, export based agriculture is concentrated in extensive monocultures destined for foreign markets such as bananas, pineapples and biofuels with disastrous impacts for local ecosystems. 

'The link between trade liberalisation and food availability is becoming a critical factor that, far from improving living conditions, threatens to deepen and entrench the structural causes of hunger, violence and malnutrition in the the region.' Read the full article here.