Ecuador: New ITUC report reveals labour rights abuses

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A new ITUC report on core labour standards in Ecuador reveals grave problems with trade union rights and discrimination and several other violations of labour rights.

Ecuadorian workers are reported to enjoy only limited rights to organise, collectively bargain and strike. Employers make use of practices such as sub-contracting and setting up employer-controlled associations to further weaken workers' bargaining power.

Whilst sub-contracting may be prevalent in Ecuadorian industries under less international scrutiny, Banana Link believes that in the banana industry, multinational and national big employers in particular, are respecting the law banning sub-contracting. Our union partners, Fenacle, report an increase in union membership in the sector.

The ITUC report makes a range of recommendations including that the requirement of a minimum of 30 workers to form a trade union on the enterprise level be removed and that the Labour Inspectorate need to be adequately funded and inspectors should be properly trained. For more details read the full report.

Source: ITUC