Windward Island bananas back in the shops!

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Following the devastation of banana production in the Windward Islands last October by Hurricane Tomas, trade resumed on June 19. 1,915 cartons of bananas supplied by 73 elated Fairtrade farmers, of the 509 registered, were shipped from St. Vincent to the UK.

Sainsburys, Waitrose and Asda are all once again stocking bananas from the Windwards.
With 1.7 million plants destroyed on the ground, livelihoods lost, no income for the foreseeable future, Hurricane Tomas was a fate to test the resolve of even the most resolute and it took a great deal of resilience, support and encouragement from the local WINFA branch, the St.Vincent and the Grenadines National Fairtrade Organisation (NFTO), to encourage the farmers in the recovery effort. Consumers in the UK also fund raised to support farmers following the hurricane.

Weekly volumes will increase progressively as more farmers come back into production, and individual farmer volumes increase. Shipments in June were seriously affected by heavy rains as hurricane season begins again.