Fyffes Chairman, David McCann, completely indifferent to workers’ plight as sale of company to Sumitomo nets him 90 million Euros at EGM in Dublin

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GMB and Banana Link condemn the “unacceptable face of globalisation”
Protesters from Dublin Trade Council, ICTU, GMB and Banana Link today called on Fyffes to respect the rights of their workers, including minimum wage and social security contributions, in Central America before the EGM rubber stamped the sale of the company to Japanese firm, Sumitomo.
However, when approached by Jacqui Mackay from Banana Link and Bert Schouwenburg of GMB before the meeting, Fyffes Chairman, David McCann, said that he “would not address the issue”, even though he personally stood to earn some 90 million Euros from the deal.
Jacqui Mackay said, “On behalf of our partners in Honduras and Costa Rica, we have been seeking an open dialogue between Fyffes’ local management and unions for over a year. It is so disappointing that Fyffes consistently refuse to accept their responsibility for providing Decent Work with living wages and a safe environment.”
Bert Schouwenburg said, “Like so many rich men, David McCann’s fortune is based on the misery and exploitation of others. When I visit his employees in Costa Rica and Honduras later this week, I shall have no alternative but to tell them that he and his fellow directors have no intention of returning the monies they have stolen from them over decades. Fyffes really are the unacceptable face of globalisation. “
During the EGM, McCann expressed his thanks to staff for their contribution over the years. There seems to be  no such gratitude for the workers on Central America plantations supplying Fyffes.