Mozambican bananas expanding in UK market

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In 2012, over 1000 tonnes of bananas arrived in Britain from a new farm in Northern Mozambique. In February, the Minister of Agriculture, José Pacheco, visited the Cabo Delgado province where the Jacaranda company currently has some 100 hectares of banana for export. He told Radio Moçambique that the company was hoping to increase exports to over 3000 tonnes in 2013. However, the company, would like to expand to 1000 hectares, although it seems that one of the constraints to such a major expansion is the capacity of the port of Nacala.
The Agriculture Minister, in the face of sensitivities of local farmers and communities to large-scale foreign investment in land, encouraged the company to invest in the development of small farmer banana production as well as in the production of small-scale livestock in order to "enable a good relationship between the company and local communities".
Source: Radio Mocambique, Maputo, 22/02/13.