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28/01/2014 - Emergency Caribbean Appeal

20/08/2013 - Make Fruit Fair Newsletter - Summer 2013

08/05/2013 - Good news: Costa Rican workers reinstated

18/02/2013 - Support workers in Africa!

21/11/2012 - Help stop supermarket bullying

15/10/2012 - Make Fruit Fair autumn newsletter

24/07/2012 - Thank you for signing the petition to Stop Supermarkets Abusing their Buyer Power

Make Fruit Fair! Summer 2012 Newsletter

Make Fruit Fair! Spring 2012 Newsletter

Stop violation of union rights in Ecuador and supermarkets abusing their buyer power!

Make Fruit Fair! Autumn newsletter

Stop anti union activities of Costa Rica's biggest pineapple producer

Spring Newsletter

The Make Fruit Fair Newsletter has replaced the Union to Union newsletter. Below is the Union to Union archive from June 2012.

Issue 17, June 2012

Issue 16, December 2012

International Women’s Day action - Chiquita responds
Issue 15 Summer 2011 - online
Issue 15 Summer 2011 - download pdf

Towards decent work for banana and pineapples workers
Issue 14 Summer 2010

Glastonbury donation supports union organising in Latin America!
Issue 13 Spring 2008

First new collective agreement in over 20 years
Issue 12 Summer 2007

Taking solidarity to the next level
Issue 11 Winter 2006

From London to San Jose: strengthening solidarity along the supply chain
Issue 10 Spring 2006

Young member solidarity provides new hope
Issue 9 Winter 2005

An international call to reverse the race to the bottom
Issue 8 Summer 2005

Second delegation visit to Costa Rica and Ecuadorian trade union visit to the UK (only available by post)
Issue 7 Spring 2005

The struggle to organise in Ecuador continues
Issue 6 Summer 2004

Women lead new union!
Issue 5 Spring 2004

Ecuador one year after Los Alamos - first signs of hope?
Issue 4  Summer 2003

Union to Union solidarity in Ecuador and feature about DBCP impacts in Nicaragua (only available by post)
Issue 3 Autumn 2002

Ecuador: Workers rights and Green Gold (only available by post)
Issue 2 Spring 2002

TGWU and banana workers join hands (only available by post)
Issue 1 Summer 2001