Honduran workers start negotiations in former Tres Hermanas

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After nearly 18 months of conflictual relations that led to an international campaign denouncing labour rights violations, workers have initiated negotiations with the new owners, Chiquita. Workers employed by the new company, now renamed Agricola Santa Rita, have joined the trade union STAS (Agroindustrial & Allied Workers' Union) in large numbers.

A successful organising campaign has seen many workers join STAS in recent weeks, reaching a total of nearly 100% of the permanent workforce. However, a large number of workers are employed on successive temporary contracts. Honduran law states that they should be given permanent contracts and therefore be eligible to join the union too.

In May the local branch of this industrial union elected its negotiating committee and drafted its collective demands to management. The first negotiating meeting was held on 25th June.

STAS 'recognises the good faith of the company in putting an end to many years of problems in Tres Hermanas.'

Chiquita is meanwhile investing in its Honduran operations, as CEO Ed Lonergan confirmed in his recent visit to the country.

Source: STAS/Festagro, Honduras