Harvesting Hunger

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Plantation Workers and the Right to Food

FIAN, IUF and Misereor share a common vision of the human right to food and have come together to focus on a specifi c group, plantation workers, whose right to food is routinely abused by employers and violated by governments.

Many of the food products we take for granted are grown on plantations yet the workers who grow them could never afford to eat them.

This paper provides an overview of the discriminatory working conditions and human rights violations on plantations worldwide where the raw materials are produced for those food companies who control the world’s food systems, and increasingly present themselves as champions of the fi ght against hunger and malnutrition. The paper then outlines ways to strengthen the power of plantation workers, and the trade unions that represent them, and proposes policy steps towards an agenda on rights for plantation workers that would ensure their human right to food.

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