Guatemala: protection for SITRABI leaders

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Protection has been restored for SITRABI General Secretary Noe Ramirez with a commitment from the government to establish a ‘security perimeter’ for other SITRABI leaders.

Members of the Executive Committee of SITRABI are the victims of intimidation and harassment and have therefore been demanding that they and their General Secretary, Noe Ramirez, have protection. In 2007 Noe’s brother, a SITRABI union leader, was murdered since which time the violence against SITRABI activists has escalated. In 2011 six members and ex-members of the banana workers’ union SITRABI were killed.

Read the urgent action issued by 2011 which included a demand for the government of Guatemala to ensure the protection of SITRABI members, especially of its leaders.

Banana Link has also been asking the British government to lobby the Guatemalan government for the General Secretary and members of the Executive Committee to receive protection in the face of persistent intimidation – read more here.