Guatemala campaign - resources

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Banana workers rights criticised in Guatemala - Al Jazeera's David Mercer reports from Guatemala.

Bloody Bananas - short USLEAP documentary on banana workers and labour rights in Guatemala.

Annual Survey of violations of trade union rights (ITUC 2014)

End the violence and impunity in Guatemala - a leaflet about the current situation in the Guatemalan banana industry and the challenges facing SITRABI (October 2012)

ITUC Mission to Guatemala 2012 – report translated by Banana Link

Statement from Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility and Workers Rights in the Guatemalan Banana Industry Report – translated by Banana Link, August 2011 – regular reports on situation in Guatemala including progress on the complaint submitted by SITRABI and other unions under the CAFTA Agreement. See for example: Another Del Monte Banana Unionist Killed in Guatemala; 7th Murdered in 10 Months

Older Resources

The extreme vulnerability of democratic institutions in Guatemala and the increased risk of attacks and threats against human rights defenders (Peace Brigrades International 2009)

Internationally recognised core labour standards in Guatemala (ITUC report for the WTO General council review of the trade policies of Guatemala, 2009)

Summary of the Situation in Guatemala (Banana Link, 2008)
ITUC 2008 Annual Survey on Violations of Trade Union Rights

Guatemala: trade unions at the heart of the fight against impunity (ITUC, March 2008)

General Alarm documents and Preliminary Report (Human Rights Protection Unit in Guatemala - UDEFEGUA)