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Taking action to end the violence and impunity in Guatemala

Violence against banana union leaders in Guatemala has been escalating since the murder of SITRABI union leader, Marco Tulio Ramirez in September 2007. Since then a total of 68 unionists have been murdered and none of the perpetrators of these crimes have been brought to justice.

Members of the Executive Committee of SITRABI continue to be the victims of intimidation and harassment. Guatemala is now reported to be the most dangerous country in which to be a trade unionist.

Pressure must be put on the Guatemalan government to ensure the people responsible for these killings are brought to justice and that systematic violations of labour rights are put to a stop.

In 2014, more than 6000 people responded to a request from Banana Link, the TUC and the International Labor Rights Forum urged people to send emails to the new Attorney General to ensure that the process of investigation into the crimes against trade unionists was not dropped.  Following this campaign action SITRABI has now met with the UN Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG) who have agreed a dialogue process starting with 10 of the 68 cases of unionists murdered since 2007.

Project Update - TUC, February 2015

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