Gender resources - videos

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Banana Link has produced many resources relating to our gender equity work, which are available below: 

Celebrating the struggle of women banana workers in Colombia

On International Women's Day 2017, Banana Link partner, SINTRAINAGRO, Colombia’s banana workers’ union, celebrated the contribution of women workers to the struggle for equal rights.

Women taking the lead in promoting safe and healthy working on plantations in Ghana

A Banana Link education programme in Ghana between 2013 and 2016 has empowered women workers to become active in promoting health and safety on plantations. Having received training themselves on health & safety, the women are then empowered to provide training to the other workers on their plantations. Some of these women talk about their experiences in this video. 

Freedom and Fairness for Fyffes workers - Iris Munguia of COLSIBA

Iris Munguia, Coordinator, COLSIBA (the Regional Coordination of Latin American Banana & Agro-Industrial Workers’ Unions) talks to Banana Link about the importance of international support to the mainly women workers facing labour rights violations at subsidiaries of Fyffes in Honduras.

Veolette Choumkeu talks about empowering women banana workers in Cameroon

Justice for Women - an interview with Latin American trade union leader Iris Munguia

In this interview, trade union activist Iris Munguia describes how lack of respect for workers' labour rights is widespread in Latin America, especially where there are no unions. Abuses include long working hours, low wages, discrimination and sexual harassment.

After working in the packing depot of one of Chiquita's banana plantations in Honduras for 23 years, Iris Munguia became a trade union leader and a defender of women's rights.

This interview was filmed in June 2011, before Iris was elected as the first ever Coordinator of the Coordinating Body of Latin American Banana and Agroindustrial Workers’ Unions COLSIBA and received the prestigious SOLIDAR Silver Rose Award for her contribution to International Solidarity.

Iris has led efforts throughout the region to strengthen women’s participation in their unions through training and awareness raising, working to ensure that all COLSIBA union members have a Women’s Secretary or at least a Women’s Committee.