Freedom & Fairness for Fyffes workers campaign marks International Women’s Day

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“We do not want flowers, we want rights!”

International Women’s Day 2017 was marked by a demonstration outside the office’s of Fyffes’ subsidiary in Cholutecca, Honduras yesterday, by women workers suffering violations of their labour rights, including non-payment of minimum wages and social security, non-recognition of their union by the company, and sackings of workers who join the union.

International solidarity and support

Banana Link published a video in which Iris Munguia, Coordinator, COLSIBA (the Regional Coordination of Latin American Banana & Agro-Industrial Workers’ Unions) speaks about the importance of international support to the women workers facing labour rights violations at subsidiaries of Fyffes in Honduras.
North American campaign partners, US Leap, showed their support.
The Freedom & Fairness for Fyffes workers was also launched in Austria, Germany and Portugal yesterday.

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