Pura Vida (Pure Life)

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We imagine Costa Rica as a tropical Paradise, Heaven on Earth... but Pura Vida exposes the social and environmental impact of toxic agro-chemicals used to grow bananas and pineapples for export to Europe.

Scottish artist, Jan Nimmo, travels to Costa Rica to meet Carlos Arguedas Mora, trade unionist and passionate environmental campaigner and Dr Catharina Wesseling, a scientist with a long track record of researching agro-chemicals and their effects on workers. The film reveals the truth about intensive banana production and the threat of the rapidly expanding pineapple industry.

Pura Vida was awarded Best Short Environmental Documentary at CINESTRAT Film Festival, Alicante, Spain. DVDs available for screenings or as an educational resource jan@greengold.org.uk

Pura Vida (Pure Life) Director: Jan Nimmo © from Jan Nimmo on Vimeo.