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Support Caribbean Bananas.

Caribbean bananas are grown on small family owned farms using more sustainable methods of production than those used on the huge monoculture plantations in Latin America.  The livelihoods of these small producers are highly dependant on continued trade with the UK.

Caribbean farmers simply cannot compete with the 'cheap' Latin American bananas produced with low paid labour - since 1993 some 15,000 family farms have been gradually squeezed out of the business.  90% of all bananas from the Windward islands carry the Fairtrade mark with plans to convert ALL production to Fairtrade! 

If the banana trade in the Windward Islands is allowed to die, along with it will go the efforts of family farmers over the last few years to secure their livelihoods through fair trade. Nearly 90% of bananas from the Windwards now carry the FAIRTRADE Mark guaranteeing they have been traded at a price which ensures the grower can make a decent living, pay their workers properly and make a contribution to their local community. It is thanks to the support of British consumers that small farmers in the Caribbean have been able to build this major fair trade initiative from nothing in the last decade.

Bananas from the Windward Islands (as part of the African, Caribbean and Pacific states that many European countries had a colonial relationship with) traditionally had preferential access into the European Union (EU).  This meant that they did have not had to pay the tariff - a tax - on bananas sold to the UK that was charged on the bananas exported from Latin America.  However, following a bitter trade dispute in the World Trade Organisation (which sets rules for how member countries trade with each other) the regime governing how bananas are imported into the EU has changed.  It is now even harder for the Caribbean farmers to compete in the international market. 

The Windward Islands now plan to convert 100% Fairtrade production and the survival of their banana industry will depend upon the loyalty of supermarkets to stock Caribbean and Fairtrade bananas if they don't already ......      

Learn more

Read about what happens when you lose a trade war. Renwick Rose, Coordinator of WINFA describes how Europe is shafting the Caribbean.

Read 'Banana Wars' - an excellent article by Joanna Blythman published in the Observer in 2005, following her visit to the Windwards.

Visit the Fairtrade Foundation website to learn more about WINFA and to read the stories of some WINFA members.

Take action

Order campaign postcards from Banana Link. Sign and give these to your local supermarkets asking them to make a commitment to stock Fairtrade bananas from the Windward Islands.

Download the Fairtrade bananas leaflet produced by Banana Link which includes a list of wholesale banana suppliers to give to your local shop to encourage them to source Fairtrade bananas.