Make Fruit Fair

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Workers producing bananas and pineapples for the shelves of European supermarkets often fail to earn a living wage, are sacked for joining unions and are exposed to hazardous working conditions. In response Banana Link, in partnership with Peuples Solidaires (France), BanaFair (Germany) and Nazemi (Czech Republic), are campaigning to 'MAKE FRUIT FAIR'!

This EC funded campaign aims to mobilise support for fair and sustainable banana and pineapple supply chains, offering a wide range of opportunities to lobby the supermarkets, fruit companies and governments who all share responsibility for conditions in exporter communities. Our campaign website features a new exciting animation as well as short films, news, urgent actions and more.

Give your supporters the opportunity to put a stop to banana and pineapple workers paying such a high price for companies to profit from international trade.

Get involved!

  • Sign our petition calling for the regulation of supermarket buyer power at EU level.
  • Visit and promote this link to your supporters.
  • Feature our animation film and urgent actions on your site and distribute through social networks.
  • Order campaign leaflets. Comprehensive activist guides and posters will also be available soon.

Our demands

We want supermarkets, as the most powerful actors along the supply chain to pay fair prices to their suppliers. We want fruit companies and supermarkets to guarantee that:

  • living wages are paid on the plantations they source from.
  • labour rights are respected - including the freedom to join an independent trade union.
  • the environment is respected by reducing toxic agrochemical use.

We want governments to:

  • regulate the abuses of supermarket buyer power.
  • ensure that companies are held accountable for working conditions in producing countries.
  • support policies that encourage fair and sustainable fruit production.

Find out more

Click here to watch Pineapples: Luxury Fruit, at what price and read the report, Guardian coverage and industry response. In 2010 this investigative film and report by Consumers International revealed long shifts of backbreaking work, union repression, mass sackings, the impact of intensive toxic chemical use on worker's health and the contamination of drinking water supplies in communities neighbouring pineapple plantations. Extensive coverage of these issues in the Guardian entitled The true costs of cheap pineapples in UK supermarkets sparked international response and debate. In 2011 Consumers International welcomed the creation of the National Platform for Responsible Pineapple Production and Trade

Click the banner below to go to the Make Fruit Fair website.