Cameroon 2011

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A series of videos filmed in Cameroon by Banana Link in 2011 documenting conditions of workers at banana plantations. Click here to find out more about Banana Link's work in Cameroon and to find out about our funding appeal. 

Grim Realities
Banana plantation worker's testimony

Chemical Exposure
Testimony of a chemical application worker on a banana planation in Cameroon, Central Africa.

21 Years
Reflections of a woman banana worker on a plantation in Cameroon, Central Africa.

Labouring in the Field
Testimony of a banana worker from Cameroon, Central Africa.

High Price
Testimony of two women banana workers from Cameroon, Central Africa.

Chemical Cocktail
The testimony of a worker involved in chemical application on a banana plantation in Cameroon, Central Africa.


Grim Realities