Education packs

Training Manual for union reps in tropical fruit production

This training manual was developed with our partners in Cameroon (FAWU) and Ghana (GAWU) as part of our project to train banana workers in those two countries. It contains a three stage training course for elected union representatives, comprising:
1. An introduction to being a union representative
2. Taking up problems as a representative
3. Communication skills

Health and Safety representatives

An introduction to the threats posed to health and safety and environmental standards using the international banana trade as an example. Students will be given practical examples of how to support the improvement of health and safety and environmental conditions through international worker solidarity. Session length: 1 hour.

The Truth About Bananas

This pack explores the realities, for people and their environment, behind the production and trade of our favourite fruit, the banana. Bananas provide an example of the many economic and social injustices present in international trade today and this pack aims to empower users to challenge these injustices as active and informed global citizens. Much of the material is drama based, providing a fun and challenging approach to learning.

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