Ecologist reports on poverty in the Peruvian mango industry

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Poverty wages, forced and unpaid overtime, poor safety conditions, obstruction to free associations and discrimination against pregnant workers -- these were just some of the accusations that have been levelled against the largest mango production companies in Peru, in a report produced by SOMO (the Dutch Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations) last year. A year has passed since then and it would seem nothing – from either side of the argument – has really changed.

You might think working conditions in the Peruvian mango industry have little relevance to your own life, but if you have bought or eaten a mango in the last year it will very likely have been a Peruvian one. Mangoes are, of course, a seasonal fruit which means suppliers will import stock from various parts of the world depending on the time of the year, and from December to March, Peru is one of very few countries that will be harvesting the fruit for direct export to the UK.

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