Bonita: Ugly Bananas

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When Scottish artist, Jan Nimmo, travels to Ecuador, the world's largest exporter of bananas, to gather workers' testimonies, she observes the formation of the first trade unions in the banana sector for 30 years.

The Los Alamos banana workers decide to go on strike for the most basic of rights. But the company which owns the plantation, Bonita Brands, is owned by Alvaro Noboa, Ecuador's richest man and serial presidential candidate. Alvaro Noboa doesn't like unions. Bonita is the world's fourth largest banana company yet the workers earn a pittance, are exposed to a cocktail of toxic agro-chemicals and their living conditions are appalling. Bonita is a powerful eyewitness account of what happens to workers who dare to stand up against a powerful oligarch.

Best Documentary: Deep Fried Film Festival, Scotland Director: Jan Nimmo 23 mins. DVDs available for screenings or as an educational resource 

Bonita: Ugly Bananas - Director: Jan Nimmo © from Jan Nimmo on Vimeo.

Bonita: Ugly Bananas - Director: Jan Nimmo ©