Belgian study on certified bananas

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A study just released by the Belgian government’s technical cooperation agency BTC/CTB reveals that 53% of bananas sold in Belgian supermarkets carry a social or environmental label.

Chiquita’s high market penetration means that a substantial proportion of fruit sold in this market are certified Rainforest Alliance. A significant proportion of these bananas are from Colombia, the country with some of the best social conditions in the Latin American industry.

It is estimated that 7% of the total market is supplied by Fairtrade certified bananas, many of which are also certified organic. The study concludes that „the Belgian market for sustainable bananas is expected to grow by an annual 10-15% in the next couple of years. However, Belgium still lags behind in the availability of sustainable products compared to countries such as the Netherlands and the UK.“. Like many European markets, Belgium’s food retailing is dominated by a small handful of companies: Colruyt (23%), Delhaize (22%), Carrefour (20%), Aldi (11%) are the market leaders.

See the BTC Trade for Development website for further information.