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Donations from union supporters towards Banana Link core
funds directly strengthen our capacity to put 'solidarity into action'. Over the last coule of years  Banana Link has secured direct union‐to‐union funding ‐ including key donations from the UNISON International Development Fund and GMB International Solidarity Fund ‐ for the organising and education activity of SITAG in Peru (pictured right) and an organising drive ebing led by SITRAP in Costa Rica.
SITAG has 179 new members in the banana sector alone and hundreds more existing members now paying union affiliation fees helping to secure a more financially sustainable future for the union.
You can also support a grass roots education programme in Cameroon - strengthening relations with plantation worker unions in West Africa and building solidarity links between our Latin America and West African union partners.
As well as working with partners in Ecuador and Cameroon, Banana Link works with vulnerable unions in Peru, Costa Rica, Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. We fund capacity building, support lobbying/advocacy work and connect them to British unionists for advice and support. Your donation can help us do more.

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Photo caption: 'For a dignified salary, we are on the streets'