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Donations from union supporters towards Banana Link core funds directly strengthen our capacity to put 'solidarity into action'.Union to Union
Over the last few years Banana Link has secured direct union‐to‐union funding ‐ including key donations from the UNISON International Development Fund and the GMB International Solidarity Fund ‐ for the organising and education activity of SITAG in Peru (pictured right) and to support the work of the Women's Officer of Ecuadorian union, SINUTRABE.
As a result, Peruvian union SITAG has hundreds of new members in the banana sector and hundreds more existing members now paying union affiliation fees helping to secure a more financially sustainable future for the union. SINUTRABE has secured new gender clauses in two CBAs, ensured every workplace has a Women's Secretarat and achieved a 20% increase in women's leadership in the union.
Other recent achievements of our trade union partners in both Latin American and West African agricultural sectors include:

SITRABI and COLSIBA have succeeded in persuading the Guatemalan Labour Ministry to set up the first ever banana industry round table. The meetings are an historic first, and give the unions a chance to discuss key grievances in the sight of an independent, authoritative, third party. To date there have been no significant breakthroughs, but all parties have recognised the stability that has come from the meetings, with no significant labour disputes or attacks on union members since preparations for the roundtable began last summer.

Securing support for Colombian trade union, SINTRAINAGRO, to deliver a programme for rural women workers, including skills training, to increase chances of employment for women, and support for the disproportionate number of women who lost their jobs following hurricane damage last year.

Securing support for our Costa Rican partners, SITRAP, to lead an organising drive with an aim of securing the first CBAs in the banana industry for many years.

Banana Link and our trade union partners, SINUTRABE and FAWU, are participating in a project to strengthen Health and Safety Committees in Ecuador and Cameroon.

6000 plantation workers in Cameroon and Ghana have received education about their basic labour rights and plantation health and safety. In Cameroon this has doubled worker rights awareness.

More than 100 union representatives in Cameroon and Ghana have participated in training courses developed and delivered by UK trade union educators resulting in successful negotiations for reduced working hours, office provision for representatives and an increase in successfully resolved grievances.

In Latin America Banana Link works with vulnerable unions in Peru, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. We fund capacity building, support lobbying/advocacy work and connect them to British unionists for advice and support. Your donation can help us do more.

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